About Me

I’ve been designing since I was thirteen, working on all sorts of different projects from interactive websites to mobile apps. When I’m not designing you can often find me doing a variety of other things such as working out, spending time with family or enjoying a cup of my favourite coffee.

Brief Overview

I’ve always been interested in design, so that’s why I started teaching myself when I was thirteen. It was very challenging at the time, but I created my first website when I was in high school, it wasn’t very good, but I was excited. It wasn’t that long until I wanted to make another one and since then I’ve never wanted to stop. After getting more serious, I decided to go to Mohawk College to study graphic design where I graduated with honours. While I was there, I learned a variety of different areas of design from print, packaging, web, branding, illustration and even photography. That’s when I found my true passion for web design and wanted to learn more including the importance of user experience.

When I’m not designing you can find me doing a variety of other things like running and learning new creative skills. From a young age, I’ve been a fan of sports and I’ve played a few different ones over the years from basketball to soccer. I also ran track in elementary school, but over time I started to enjoy running long distance. Having an active lifestyle is important to me, when I go running it helps clear my mind which allows me to focus better when I’m designing so that I can create the best possible solution. As a designer, it’s important to improve and that’s why I’m obsessed with learning new things to help me grow. When I get the chance, I love listening to audiobooks or completing online courses that help me increase my knowledge. Something that’s not related to design or fitness is my love for coffee. It might be a side effect of being a designer but I love all things coffee, some people might even say I’m addicted. You’ll often see me with Starbucks or Tim Hortons while I’m working at my desk.

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Core Principles

Every designer has a set of core principles that they believe in, that’s what makes them unique and different. Staying true to those principles will show throughout the design process, it will increase productivity and people will notice the passion and dedication towards the project.

Clear Communication

Being open and transparent during a project is very important, it will improve the working relationship but also increase trust and respect. This will affect the overall experience during the design process as things go as planned without any surprises or major changes.

Never Stop Learning

It’s good to learn new things as a designer, with the power of technology things can change very quickly. I always set aside some time to learn the latest design trends and software so that I can improve my process which will increase productivity during a project.

Love Your Work

Having a passion for your work is important, it will show throughout the whole project and improve the end result. I’ve been passionate about design my whole life and that’s why I set high standards for myself so that I can be proud of everything that I create.

People Over Profits

Great relationships are valuable in any industry, that’s why I enjoy working with people who are passionate and believe in their product, service or business. At the end of the day, I think that success should be measured by positive experiences, not the balance sheet.

Quality Over Quantity

As a designer, you might be able to create several projects at once but that may reduce quality, that’s why I focus on the quality first. I have a high attention to detail so that I’m able to catch the smallest of details to make sure that projects can stand out without any mistakes.

Ask More Questions

When starting a new project, I like to ask questions to get a better understanding of the vision for the final outcome. This will help me learn more so that I can create something that looks different and stands out against the rest of the competition in the same industry.