Inspiration For Designers: My Personal Side Project

What’s Inspiration For Designers?

As a designer, I often spend a lot of time looking for inspiration. Most of the time, I’ll go to Dribbble and search through other designers work until I find something that really inspires me. Then, I’ll usually save it to a folder on my computer where I can go to get inspired for my next design project. I thought since I was already saving images of work that inspired me, then maybe I can share it with other designers. At first, I wasn’t sure how I’d do this, I originally thought of creating a website but then I realized that many designers use Instagram and since it’s a visual platform, this would be a good starting point. That’s when I decided to create the Inspiration for Designers account on Instagram.

During the beginning stages, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea since there were already other inspiration accounts, but after a while, more people started following and the account grew faster every week. This made me feel better since the whole point of creating the account was to share what inspired me, but also to promote the work from talented designers around the world.

Examples of inspiration that gets posted on Instagram
Examples of some inspiration that gets posted on Instagram

Instagram Account

With the power of social media, it’s the perfect way to reach most people. I thought Instagram would be best to share my inspiration since it was already a visual platform. At first, I wasn’t sure how I’d want to share the inspiration, but I thought curating the images into a template would work the best since it would allow me to create a beautiful feed that would help improve the follow rate. Even though I’m posting images of other designers work, I provide a link back to their profile which also helps to promote their amazing work. Right now I’m only using Instagram to post inspiration, but in the future, I plan on using their other features like stories to create content that provides value to more designers.

Future Plans

When I first created the Instagram account, I didn’t have any future plans. But after some time, I starting thinking about some ideas like creating a website where designers can download free and premium design resources, but also read informative blog articles from other talented designers. I also want to improve the Instagram page by posting more than just design inspiration, I want to start posting things like tutorials and design tips. I have big plans for Inspiration For Designers and it’s a side project that I’m very passionate about. I’m looking forward to giving back to the amazing design community and helping people who want to learn design.