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As someone who loves to shop online for athletic apparel, it’s because some websites have a variety of different products that you can’t find in stores, but they also have a great online shopping experience often providing new users with some amazing discounts. But when SportChek updated their website, they ruined that experience and made shopping online very frustrating. This gave me some inspiration to design my own athletic apparel website that was really easy for users to find what they are looking for without getting overwhelmed with the number of deals being promoted across the website, especially on the home page like many other competitor websites.

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Project Date
October 2018
Elite Sports Apparel - Home Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Products Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Filter Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Product Page

The Design Process

When SportChek updated their website, they ruined their online shopping experience. A big issue that I noticed was the navigation structure, it forced users to click through several unnecessary menus which can make it frustrating for users if they aren’t familiar with online shopping. Another issue that I found was the number of deals being promoted on the home page, this could overwhelm users. I wanted to fix these issues by having sections on the home page such as the newest arrivals and collections so that there would be some structure rather than an overload of deals.

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Website Style Guide

When thinking of what colours should be used for an athletic apparel website, I thought of creating a bold colour palette by using a bright cardinal red as the main accent colour across the entire website while complimenting it with darker colours such as a charcoal black and stone grey.

Elite Sports Apparel style guide

Product Information

The main purpose of having an online presence for your store is to get more people to buy your products, that’s why a lot of focus went into creating the beautiful product pages so that potential customers can find more information about the product while having an easy purchase experience.

Elite Sports Apparel product information

The Outcome

Before designing the website, I took some inspiration from the Nike online store and created my own fictitious athletic apparel company called Elite Sports Apparel. The overall design of the website has a focus on the user experience making it easy for potential customers to find products with a very helpful product filter and informative product pages. When the customer is ready to purchase a product, it’s very easy to select a colour, size or quantity. When they want to complete their order, they will be directed to a shopping cart where they can see all of their products and have a detailed breakdown of the overall price for their order from each product to the different shipping options.

Elite Sports Apparel - Home Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Products Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Filters Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Product Page
Elite Sports Apparel - Checkout Page

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