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Instagram Redesign

Instagram is a very popular app so when they redesigned their app in 2016 a large amount of their users weren’t happy with the new design. As a user myself I didn’t like the design, but I didn’t hate it either. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to improve my design skills and to redesign one of my favourite apps at the same time. I wanted to have a similar design because it already had a great user experience, so I decided to add more colour into the app while still having the main focus be on the photos. I also decided to update the explore page so that it shows more photos based on a certain category rather than showing random pictures that people may like. Another thing that I wanted to change was the layout of the profile page and I did that by having a large image at the top of the profile that the user can change to give their profile more of a personal touch just like other popular social media apps have. This project took around three weeks to complete because I was still in school at the time, but during the process I learned a lot and it helped improve my design skills.

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Project Date
February 2017

Home Screen Preview Explore Screen Preview Notifications Screen Preview Profile Screen Preview

The Design Process

When Instagram redesigned their app many users weren't happy with the new design including myself so this gave me some motivation to redesign the app. The overall design was good, but there were some improvements that I wanted to make such as incorporating more colour into the app and figuring out a new layout for the explore page. I wanted to redesign that app exactly the way I wanted while still having a great user experience. I also wanted a simple interface that had less distractions so that the focus would be on the photos rather than something else that wasn't important. Since I was an Instagram user for many years I had a lot of experience using the app so I knew what worked and what didn't work and I took that into consideration during this project.

Home Screen Wireframe Notification Screen Wireframe Profile Screen Wireframe

The Final Solution

Creating a new design for something that already works can be challenging, but during this project I found a way to improve upon an already good design and turn it into something that I would love to use daily. When you open the app for the first time, I wanted the user to have a good experience and that's why I designed a login screen that makes it easy for them to login. Next, I wanted a distraction free home screen and that's why only one image can be shown at a time so that the user doesn't get distracted by the next photo below it. The biggest change to the overall design would be the layout of the explore page. I decided to show photos based on a category rather than random photos that people may like. The second biggest change is the profile page with the addition of the image at the top of the screen. This would add another personal touch to the users profile because they can have more control over how their profile looks. There are other changes to the overall design, but I wanted the app to have a similar look and feel so that current users wouldn't get overwhelmed with a major design change.

Splash Screen Login Screen Home Screen Comments Screen Direct Message Screen Message Screen Explore Screen Search Screen Camera Roll Screen Filter Screen Notification Screen Profile Screen