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iOS 9 Redesign

Many people were disappointed with the design of iOS 7 and after two years the design hasn’t changed much so this gave me some motivation to start this redesign project. The biggest issue that I noticed was the design of the app icons and how they used harsh gradients that many people didn’t like. This made me want to redesign all of the app icons using a new colour palette that I would incorporate into that specific app to make the design more cohesive. Another issue that I wanted to solve was the lack of consistent design across different apps such as the calendar and notes. With all of the issues figured out, I wanted to create a design that felt new and updated, but at the same time felt the same for existing users. This project took around three weeks to complete because I had to balance school projects with my personal ones. Since this was a personal project, I was in charge with the overall design and as of right now this is only a concept, but I would love if Apple used this design one day.

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November 2015

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The Design Process

When iOS 7 was released I noticed two main issues and still to this day they haven't been fixed. The first issue that I noticed was the design of the app icons and how they have harsh gradients as a background. Many people complained about the icons due to that reason, but at the same time some of the icons did not relate to what the app did such as news stand or passbook. I wanted to fix that by creating new icons that would relate to what the app did but also improve upon the colour palette and removing the harsh gradients. The second issue was the overall design and how there was a lack of a consistent design throughout the different apps. I understand that every app is different, but I wanted to create a design that had consistent elements that would be in each app to make the whole experience more cohesive. After figuring out the issues, I came up with the idea of creating a design that would look new, but felt the same for existing users so they wouldn't get overwhelmed with the major change.

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The Final Solution

When starting this project I already knew that I wanted to create a new design for iOS, but I wanted it to feel the same so that current users wouldn't get overwhelmed or confused. This isn't a major change, just an improvement on the current design that I would love to use on a daily basis. First, I wanted to solve the main issue and redesign all of the app icons and I did that by creating a new colour palette and designing icons that would represent what the app does. I also wanted to use the new colours from the app icon and include it inside the app to give the user a better experience. Before I started to design the different apps, I wanted to create some design elements that could be used across all of the different apps to give them more of a consistent look and feel. Some of these elements would be such things like the top heading bar or the bottom navigation bar. Overall, I am happy with how this project turned out and I would love to use this design every day.

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