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I believe that every designer should have an online portfolio so that future employers or potential clients can find their work and learn more about their design process. I’ve always wanted to have my own website so that I could showcase my design work but also have a blog where I’m able to share my thoughts on a variety of topics that I’m passionate about. But in order to create my personal website, I had to learn how to code. During the process, I was able to create everything from scratch which allowed me to make the website look exactly how I wanted while keeping it responsive on all modern devices from large computer monitors to small phone screens.

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Web Development
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Project Date
August 2017
Personal Website - Home Page
Personal Website - About Page
Personal Website - Portfolio Page
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The Design Process

This was my first time creating a website from scratch, so I didn’t know about the limitations of code, but I knew that I wanted to have a simple design so that it was easy to make my website look good at any screen size. The biggest challenge was that I had no clue how to code a website, so before I was able to start working on the design, I had to teach myself so that I could have a better understanding of the limitations between design and code. I wanted to make sure that it worked really well across different browsers and devices so that it could reach more people since the main purpose of my website was to promote my design work to potential employers and clients.

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The Outcome

The design of my personal website is focused on showcasing my work and providing more information about my design process. When a user visits the website, they will notice the thumbnail images of my work, and they can click on them which will open a new page that goes into detail about that project. On the project page, users can see a detailed overview of the project from what the challenges were to the final outcome with gorgeous detailed images of the final design. If a user wants to get in touch, they can send an email using the contact form located on the contact page. The form was created with validation in mind, it will simply provide an error message before the user sends their message.

Personal Website - Home Page
Personal Website - About Page
Personal Website - Portfolio Page
Personal Website - Blog Page
Personal Website - Contact Page

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