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I believe that every designer should have their own website because in my opinion it's the best way to showcase your design work. I've always wanted to have my own website, but I didn't know how to make one, so I thought this would be a good project to learn how to code. Before starting this project, I had an idea that I wanted a simple website where it would be easy for future employers or clients to see my work and find out more about me. The main issue for this project was that I didn't know how to code. I wanted to create my website from scratch, but that would be impossible unless I taught myself the basics of HTML and CSS. Since this was my own personal website, I was in charge of doing everything myself from being the designer, to the developer coding the whole site, to even being the copywriter creating all the body copy. I will continue to make small adjustments if I find that my website needs improvement, but for now I don't plan on making any major changes.

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August 2017

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The Design Process

Since this was my first time creating a website, I knew that there would be some challenges. The biggest challenge was that I wanted to create my own website from scratch, but I didn’t know how to code. I also wanted to make sure that it worked across different devices and browsers which can make it more difficult than originally planned. After figuring out the main challenge, I wanted to make some goals for this project. The first goal was to showcase my projects on the home page so that it would be easy for anyone to find my work. The second goal was to go more into detail about my projects, and give the user a better understanding of how I completed the project, and what issues I had to solve. The next thing for me to do was figure out an overall layout for my website. I did that by sketching out some ideas, then taking those concepts, and refining them on the computer. With the design of my website already figured out, I started to develop my site which took time because I was learning how to code along the way. After my website was finished, I did some testing to make sure it works well on different devices and browsers.

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The Final Solution

With the final concept of my website figured out, it was time for me to start designing. In the process of designing my website, I decided to use a grid system so that it would look good at any screen size. I also decided to have a slide down mobile navigation so that it would work well on both computers and mobile devices. In the past I've seen websites that have a mobile navigation on a desktop screen size that didn't work well, and it ruined the whole experience. For the home page of my website I wanted to have a simple design that included a hero image with a short message about what I do. Then, under that there would be a small paragraph about me and some images of my work. I also wanted to have a simple about page that went into detail about how I got started in design, but also went into detail about my design process. Lastly, I designed my project pages so that they went more into detail about my projects explaining the challenges that I had, and what my approach was to fix them.

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